SioulandFirst respects and supports our excellent
Police & Fire

When a decision is made that a city or region be designated as a potential place to 'Go and Grow'
is in no small part predicated upon the outstanding performance of these crucial services.

They are the
"got to have"

SiouxlandFirst hopes that everyone will afford respect and appreciation for our professional
Women & Men
who posess that special dedication and uncommon courage that keeps us safe.

To all law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and first respondents...
SiouxlandFirst asseverates a bold and heartfelt...


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Where its always in the 80's

Sioux City Homeowners Save Over $5 Million in Repairs Through HomeServe Program

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No mask mandate for Sioux City schools after motion not seconded for a vote

After over two hours of discussion and public input, the Sioux City Community School Board decided not to implement a mask mandate for students and staff in its schools. The motion for a mask mandate ... More Info...